Mortgage Underwriting Explained

Mortgage Underwriting Explained

Mortgage underwriting is easily explained.  In essence, mortgage underwriting is logic based and supporting documentation is required.  While, mortgage underwriters play a key role in moving your home loan from Application to Clear to Close- so do YOU!  To ensure that you have a smooth home buying experience here are some common mortgage underwriting problems and how… [Read More]

Can’t They Just Trust Me? You Want More Documents?

home made of paper

Can’t They Just Trust Me? You Want More Documents? I promise to pay my mortgage back. Why do they keep asking for more documents? In the early 2000s that is exactly what the mortgage industry did- big trust and few documents. As a result, the American Dream of homeownership was realized by a record number of people. … [Read More]

Shop For Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

  Do Homeowners Insurance Costs Vary? The location of your home, its construction and condition all play a part in how much you pay for home insurance (and so do YOU).  Homeowners insurance costs vary widely among providers.  Insurance companies assess risk in different ways so it is important to compare homeowner insurance quotes to… [Read More]