I am an animal lover!  So you can justifiably assume that I believe the benefits of pet ownership clearly outweigh the drawbacks.  It turns out that approximately 65% of U.S. households own a pet evidencing that about 85 million families agree with me.

Here are some pros and cons to pet ownership.


Pets Are A Big Responsibility

Pets require regular meals and a steady supply of fresh water.  They also require daily maintenance of their living spaces- changing the newspaper at the bottom of their cages, clean kitty litter or the ever popular pooper scooper routine. Depending on the species, they may also require frequent walks, a steady supply of mice or insects and attention from a professional groomer. Caring for a pet is like raising a child.

Pet Ownership Can Be Costly

Pets are not cheap.  With overall pet-related spending expected to increase yearly, it does seem true that there is no limit to how much people are willing to spend on their pets.  Americans spent more than 70 billion on their pets last year.


While pets are a big monetary investment it turns out that they are a wise investment in many ways. It appears that what pet owners sacrifice in terms of time and money, they get back in better health and increased happiness. Pet owners have known all along that our pets make us happy and NOW there is a growing body of research to back us up.

Pet Owners Adopt Healthy Behaviors

The benefits of pet ownership appear to work in a number of different ways. Firstly, pet owners tend to adopt a plethora of healthy behaviors. The responsibility of caring for a pet gives pet owners purpose and makes them feel needed.  This, in turn, helps to improve pet owners sense of self worth.

Pets Help Relieve Stress

Interacting with a pet can be the ultimate antidote to a stressful day. Multiple studies indicate that pets are a powerful form of stress relief lowering blood pressure and other harmful stress hormones while elevating beneficial ones linked to happiness and relaxation.  The stronger the pet-owner bond the greater the stress relief.

High Value Given To Pet Relationships

Pets are loyal, nonjudgmental and full of unconditional love.

Pet owners value their pets’ company.  Most consider their pets as companions.  In fact, 97 percent of pet owners talk to their pets.  In addition, children often rank their relationships with their pets higher than their human relationships.

Pets Expand Owners Social Network And Are Beneficial To Elderly Or Infirm

Not only can pets be an integral member of a person’s social network, but they can help extend that network in other ways as well. Owning a dog forces a person to go on walks or to the dog park.  A pet is like a magnet for other animal lovers. The pet owner is more likely to be approached by other people who will strike up a conversation about the fur baby. Wheelchair patients with companion dogs tend to receive more attention and better quality attention from acquaintances and strangers.

The companionship pets offer can be especially beneficial to the elderly or the infirm.  A pet’s presence provides a constant source of healthy social stimulation

Pets require attention and dedication.  Those are small prices to pay for physical and emotional benefits they bring into our lives.  Pets will love you even when you don’t necessarily love yourselfThey are a great source of entertainment.  Pet’s personalities can distract you in a way that causes you to engage in more heart-healthy laughter and joy.

My name is Kara Davis.  I am a proud pet owner and lover.  I currently have four rescue kittens!  I had to bribe them with milk to keep them still enough to take this picture.

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Pet Ownership Is Beneficial