Pet Ownership Is Beneficial

I am an animal lover!  So you can justifiably assume that I believe the benefits of pet ownership clearly outweigh the drawbacks.  It turns out that approximately 65% of U.S. households own a pet evidencing that about 85 million families agree with me. Here are some pros and cons to pet ownership. CONS OF PET… [Read More]

How Much Home Can I Afford Making Under $50,000 A Year?

How Much Home Can I Afford

The median 2018 household income in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana is $46,457.  So, if you make around $50,000 and are wondering “How Much Home Can I Afford” you are in good company.  The Fall buying market is here!  The housing market remains strong!  Home prices and interest rates continue to climb!  This means that NOW is… [Read More]

Shop For Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

  Do Homeowners Insurance Costs Vary? The location of your home, its construction and condition all play a part in how much you pay for home insurance (and so do YOU).  Homeowners insurance costs vary widely among providers.  Insurance companies assess risk in different ways so it is important to compare homeowner insurance quotes to… [Read More]